Claudia, Hampton

Over a bitterly cold and damp early spring, David and Mike of Hampton Homeworks managed to transform our down-at-heel garden into a fabulous, contemporary outdoor space. They worked tirelessly through terrible weather to create a stunning garden with two patio areas, a pergola, raised beds and a paved and gravelled passageway.

All we had given them was a rough layout sketch, but the clever pair made sure that each element was correctly aligned and perfectly proportioned. Everything from carpentry to the laying of paving stones was expertly done, and, as the project progressed, they took care to consult us on every important decision.

It rained heavily the day after David and Mike finished our garden. The downpour wasn’t exactly welcome (we’d seen more than enough rain during the build) but it proved that a long-standing problem we’d had with flooding along the side return had finally been resolved.

The success of this project has made us feel confident that we could trust Hampton Homeworks with any job, large or small, inside or out.